What To Expect When You Get Charged With A DUI

There’s probably nothing scarier then being pulled over after you have had a couple of drinks.  You know in that moment that you might be facing stiff financial fines, losing your license, and possibly your job. If you’re arrested, you’ll want to try to post bail as soon as possible and speak with a qualified DUI lawyer at Ozols Law Firm.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you cooperate with the police.  It’s probably not a good idea to be stand-offish or hostile after being pulled over.  While you do not have to submit to any sort of test, refusing to do so means automatically losing your license for 1 year, so that may not be the best decision.

When meeting with the attorney, take time to explain the facts of your case in detail.  Don’t try to sugarcoat it, as that will not help the attorney.  Remember, you have attorney client privilege so everything you tell the attorney stays between you and them.  Let them know what happened when you were pulled over.  Also, give them any other relevant facts, like how much you had to drink before being pulled over.

Your DUI lawyer can now begin the process of investigating the charges against you to determine if you the government has strong case.  A qualified San Diego DUI Lawyer like the ones at Ozols Law Firm in San Diego will dissect every part of the government’s case against you.

It’s important for an attorney to investigate the “scientific” facts that  most people think are impossible to fight.  Was the breath test administered correctly?  Did the lab process the blood test correctly?  Are their any health conditions that you might have that could lead to you having a false positive test?

These are just some of the questions your DUI attorney in San Diego will investigate while researching your case.  Make sure you know exactly what the attorney can do for you, and what he or she expects the outcome to be.

While a DUI can be a frightening experience, with the right drunk driving lawyer you may have a chance to beat your case or receive a better outcome than if you had not hired a lawyer.  Call Ozols Law Firm today to expunge your DUI conviction.

Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence affects most Americans at some point.  Far worse, most domestic violence cases start with a simple argument over something inconsequential.  Next thing you know, a simple argument turns into a full-blow physical confrontation.  If you have been charged with domestic violence, call Ozols Law Firm today for a free consultation.

Eventually, someone calls the police and an arrest is made.  Often times, domestic violence attorneys are hired by the very same people that made the 911 call.  Even though people who report domestic violence seek to drop the charges, they cannot once the DA chooses to press charges.

Not only are the parties affected by the arrest and subsequent charges, but so is anyone else residing in the household.  This usually means that the kids involved as witnesses will be asked to testify against one of their parents.

Domestic violence is far more pervasive than most people imagine.  As the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports, one in every four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.  Further, over 80% of domestic violence victims are women. Unfortunately, most domestic violence cases never get reported to the police.

After the publicity that the OJ Simpson trial brought to the topic of domestic violence, police have been investigating charges of DV aggressively.  No longer will the police do a report and call it a day.  If the police arrive at your home because of a report of a domestic disturbance, an arrest will likely be made.  Sometimes, assuming both partners make allegations, both parties will be arrested.

When dealing with domestic violence charges, it’s a good idea to call a qualified criminal defense attorney in your jurisdiction.  They can explain the charges to you, and let you know your legal options.

The consequences of a domestic violence conviction can go well past the criminal stages.  For example, being convicted of domestic abuse can result in deportation.  Not only that, but it can also result in you losing custody of your children.  Therefore, it’s wise to seek expert legal advice when you are facing domestic violence charges.

If you are the victim of domestic abuse, don’t sit silently and wait for it to get better.  You should seek help immediately and make sure you protect yourself and your loved ones.